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reef safe formula chemical free sunscreen
natural zinc oxide golf sunscreen ireland

hi We're cosaint

Cosaint as béarla means defence or protection. Designed primarily with Irish surfers in mind, we wanted to create a natural and long-lasting mineral UV filter so you can can concentrate on getting radical in the ocean without destroying it with radical chemicals.


Every year over 14 000 tons of suncream is washed into the world's oceans  from water users leading to loss and destruction of the marine habitat. One of the main ingredients found in chemical sunblock is oxybenzone which has been linked to coral bleaching. Countries such as Hawaii have already banned this ingredient and it is a possibilty that the E.U. will soon follow suit.

Our little company started out  in sunny West Cork when a team of  environmentally conscious surf instructors were looking for something that would protect them for the long summer days in the sun. Oh and of course, it had to be one hundred per cent natural!


It is no secret that surfers have long known that zinc-oxide is the only natural UV filter that really works when you spend long days at sea. While  other sunscreens work by absorbing chemicals such as oxybenzone into our skin, our mineral based sunscreen works by creating a reflective layer on our skin giving you long-lasting broad spectrum protection.  Formulated with soothing jojoba, rich anti-oxidant cocoa, nourishing shea butter coconut, honey-scented beeswax and anti-inflammatory rosehip oil your skin feels soft to the touch, even after long surfs. 

Our mineral UV filter has beenindependantly  lab tested at internationally accredited bioscience laboratories to industry standard ISO:24443 which tests the in-vitro efficacy. Our product was found to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and an SPF  over 40.

Although designed primarily for surfers, Co Saint works great for all long days at sea, in the mountains or even at the golf course. You can  find Co Saint exclusively in our online store , core  surf shops, hip cafes and select retailers throughout  the island of Ireland.

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